Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Educator

"He has the creativity of a Wes Montgomery and the dexterity of a Eric Clapton" - Zack Vaz, Motown Records

"An intriguing blend of flavors, from an "Old World charm" to a technical adeptness that is second to none" -

"That's how Blues should sound in the 21st Century" - Gold Blues Radio

This is a true Math Rock!" - Billy Sheehan (Van Halen, S. Vai)

Imagine a man born in a small communist town, educated to be a nuclear scientist, but essentially gets a free music education at the the world renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, after which survives being homeless in the streets of New York City, and eventually gets nominated for four Grammy awards and becomes one of the American household names in jazz – you might think that you’re reading a novel. However, this is the true story of Ukrainian born American musician Vlad DeBriansky.

Vlad was born in a small Ukrainian city in the Soviet Union in a middle class family of a dentist and an engineer. Unusual for that time the family aura was in jazz and classical music that influenced a future musician. His childhood was split between his hometown and a remote location in Siberia, Russia, where his parents were sent to work by the Soviet government.

During his Youth, Vlad was very curious about learning the secrets of music. He took guitar in his hands at the age of 13 and the future in music was building up.

Graduated from High School, Vlad enters Lviv Polytechnics University. In order to avoid a soviet military service, the future musician gets two degrees – one civil engineering and another military engineering.

However, he is not leaving music even for a minute. During his study at the University, Vlad quickly develops his music career in Ukraine: award winning jazz trio, joins rock band “Forte”, “Tea Fan Club”, forms his band “Loony Pelen”, becomes one of the most successful producers and guitarists in Ukraine – he garnishes the skills to enter the jazz world of America.

During his tour in Germany in 1993, Vlad gets an offer from Berklee College of Music to study in Boston, USA.

After a stint at Berklee, Vlad moves to New York City to pursue his professional career. But the destiny gave him a big challenge. In 1996 Ukraine officially announced that passport of the soviet type will be no longer valid. Having that exact passport Vlad got stuck in the streets of the challenging city.

Working at various low paying jobs Vlad managed to visit NYC jazz clubs where he met Mike Stern and John Abercrombie from whom he took some guitar lessons. After struggles in the streets in NYC Vlad finally gets recording contracts offers from GRP Records, Blue Note Records and eventually signs with a jazz/r&b Orpheus Music/EMI label.

He meets and collaborates with such artists as Lisa Minelli, Paul Simon, Peter Yarrow (Peter Paul and Mary), Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore, Miki Howard and others.

In 2000 he moves to California and makes San Francisco his home. There, he records his debut album «Vladosphere». The album proves to be a critical and a commercial success with the singles "Little Star" and "Life Of My Heart" climbing up various charts of genres of music: from Jazz to Adult Contemporary and Gospel and it reaches the high 4th position bypassing the heavyweights such as Phil Collins, Lenny Kravitz or John Mayer. His song "Little Star" becomes the only instrumental track in Top 100.

After the album's success Vlad chooses to release a personal acoustic album "Sun In Capricorn" which mostly played on classical and jazz radio stations around the US earning him a Grammy nomination.

By the advise of his PR agent, Vlad moves to Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles he starts working as a producer. He gets an invitation by the prolific songwriter Holly Knight to collaborate on music. Vlad also works with Antonia Bennett (Tony Bennett), Katie Perry, Billy Sheehan, Skyler Jett, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Tom Rothrock, Ruslana, Gary Miller, Nile Rodgers and others.

He also participates in various TV projects: a judge and a producer at X Factor (Baku); producer in Eurovision song contest; scores music for motion pictures and even had a stint being an actor (Nostradamus Effect, role of Leonardo Da Vinci).

By the recommendation of the legendary guitarist Steve Vai, Vlad begins exploring the slide guitar blues. In 2010 he forms a band Jacks Last Dollar where he collaborates with an Irish actor/musician Patrick Bergin, singer Josie Aiello and others. In 2014 the band releases two albums and debutes at No. 12 and No.14 respectively on iTunes blues charts in the US and eventually becomes a Blues top 10 iTunes download in USA and Japan.

During Jacks Last Dollar recording his alma matir Berklee College of Music asks Vlad to become an ambassador of the College and deliver its methods and tools to the Eastern European students. American Music Academy was opened in Kyiv in February of 2015 and it has had his first graduates already in performance, composition and production. 

Today Vlad continues to record new music, giving performances as well as giving guitar clinics around the world.